Rooms with a soul

Find the most suited room for your workshop or activity

Simplicity, beauty, harmony and functionality go hand in hand.

Each room has it’s specific qualities which most definitely will contribute to your experience and the success of your workshop, training or seminar.

Because all seminar rooms are located and spread over the domain, they all guarantee the required quitness and “feeling of security” for personal work and development. Together with the surrounding garden, each seminar room has an “outside room” as well.

Iris room

The Iris room is our largest and -considered by many- our most beautiful room.

Exellent for Tantra, yoga or dance workshops, but also for your business seminaries or mindfulness courses…



The Ateljee is a cozy room in the renovated first farmhouse. It has authentic brick  cealing and a hard floor.

The Ateljee is used for many different workshops; artistic workshops, mindfulness, yoga, Tantra, sound healing etc..

9  seminar rooms with a soul
9  seminar rooms with a soul

Garden room

The Garden room can be found when you follow the small path from the castle to the back garden. This room is situated in a peaceful natural environment with a view on the nearby fields.

The Garden room is excellent when your workshop or activity needs a restful place and/or privacy.

9  seminar rooms with a soul
9  seminar rooms with a soul

Sun room

The Sun room (zonnezaal) is located in the main castle. It gives view towards the castle courtyard and entrance garden.

The Sun room is a special room that is mostly used for smaller seminars or organizational coaching sessions.

9  seminar rooms with a soul
9  seminar rooms with a soul

Heaven room

The Heaven room is located at the highest level (level 2) in the castle. The room is completely surrounded by wood giving a very warm and cozy atmosphere.

This room is mostly used for massage related workshops like, for example, craniosacral therapy.

9  seminar rooms with a soul
9  seminar rooms with a soul


The Loft is a multifunctional room. Located at the first level of the farm house the loft has -via its balcony- a nice view over the castle and farm courtyard.

With its own large space, open kitchen, separate bathroom and bedroom the loft has all the potential for special workshops or accommodation.



The Yurt is open for many different workshops and events, it can be used for ceremonial related workshops or other activities that desire a closer connection to nature.

The Yurt is one of Koningsteen ‘s most recent and special places. After following a small path through our garden you can find it somewhat hidden surrounded by nature.


Tower room

The Tower room is located in the castle ‘s left tower and is almost completely surrounded by the castle ‘s authentic wooden windows giving view on the front and side of the garden.

The Tower room is well suited for small seminars and organization related meetings.

9  seminar rooms with a soul
9  seminar rooms with a soul

Practice room

The Practice room is our smallest room located at the left side of the farmhouse.

The room is very well suited for individual sessions like psychotherapy, bodywork or massage sessions.

9  seminar rooms with a soul
9  seminar rooms with a soul