Corporate seminars

Discover our rooms and domain for seminars & corporate courses

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If you are  interested in corporate related seminars, please have a look below in our calendar.

Sorry, no seminars or trainings at the moment.

Interested to organize a seminar or corporate event at Koningsteen? Contact Kris below.

  • Personal development

    Kris has more than 20 years of experience in client service and is happy to help you with all your questions and bookings. He loves creating and offering the best conditions to facilitate your activity.

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Nature experience & ceremonies

Sweat lodges, yurts and marvelous views. Discover all that Koningsteen has to offer for your workshops and events of ceremonial nature or that require a closer connection to nature. 

Personal development

Discover or facilitate courses, retreats and activities designed for deeper personal insight. Welcome in a beautiful setting, surrounded by nature.