History & today

The beautiful land of Koningsteen can be traced back to the 13th century. Back then it was mainly used as a gathering and hunting place for the Dukes of Brabant, as the fields and woods nearby were known for their unusually rich wildlife. Over the centuries, the land had many different owners.

However, it always kept its exclusivity and rural splendor. It is said that in the early Middle Ages, the Flemish poet and mystic Hadewijch used to wander through this region. Under the tall poplars, this young beguine, justly beatified in Dutch literary history, would have practiced her poetry here.

At the end of the 20th century (1996), the land became the home base for Koningsteen, a center for workshops, trainings and education in regard to personal development and well-being. The name Koningsteen (literally ‘King’s Stone’) refers to the fact that the very first stone in the village of Oxdonk was placed on this land.

Since its early days, people from many different backgrounds visited and worked at Koningsteen. Lots of stories unfolded and today we continue to welcome new stories.

At the moment Koningsteen is experimenting with a new form of cooperation. Through a unique organization structure, partially inspired by sociocracy and holacracy, we aim to nurture equality, facilitate self-organization and support personal development on the work floor.