Iris Room

The IRIS-room is Koningsteens “king ‘s or queens room”. It is located in the renovated farmhouse and is our largest room (± 120 m²). The wooden floor, together with the combination of the authentic brick walls, the loam finish and the original high open ceiling provide a cosy and warm feeling.


  • ± 30 people in U-form
  • ± 120 people in theater setting


  • Break-space that opens towards the farm courtyard
  • Spacious sanitair in the hallway
  • Futons and meditation pillows
  • Chairs and tables if required
  • Own large kitchen
  • Flipcharts
  • Beamer and large mobile projection screen
  • Music installation
    • 4 high quality speakers in every corner
    • 2 bass speakers
    • Input panel, amplifiers, tone regulator
    • 2 CD players
    • 2 microphones (one wireless)
    • Cables to connect towards computer of other instruments

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