The place for
personal development

The place for
personal development

The place for
personal development


Tantac: The Power of Now
17/06/2015 - 21/06/2015


The Nurturing Practice of AH
01/06/2015 - 05/06/2015


We offer the ideal setting for courses in personal developement:  NLP, The Enneagram, Coaching, Sjamanism, Mediation, Tantra, Meditation and so on. Our offer is aimed at individuals as well as professionals who want to further develop their knowledge, skills and insights.


The individual re-sourcement days are for everyone who need some time off from the daily worries and want to spend some quite days in a beautiful environment.

Voluntary work

As a volunteer, you can help us out, just for a day or for a longer period of time, staying at the center.


Events of the month


Staying at Koningsteen



  • Koningsteen is the place for me where I can, in my own pace and surrounded by loving and capable people, break through old patterns and getting to know myself. At Koningsteen I have transformed into a butterfly.

    ChristelKwitelle Inc.
  • This weekend has caused a deep transformation within me. A true rebirth of how I now experience the expressing of my emotions. Incredibly beautiful!

  • A deep journey in our emotional centre, a feminine polarity. Experiencing reconciliation with all aspects of love.  Allowing ourselves to get the key to superconsciousness within the couple.


About us

The gorgeous Castle Koningsteen and its adjoint buildings create an ideal backdrop for personal change and transformation. We offer courses, and complete programs for inner change and developement. We sometimes need inspiration and help on our transformational pathways and Koningsteen is a place offering an environment that supports our visitors on their personal path.
Our Vision
Our heart opens if we do just a little more than we expect and so, personal development starts at the edge of our comfort zone!

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Our Mission
“Koningsteen invites you to experience the choise of personal development, guides you on your path and inspires you to discover your heart more and more, so you may live from it”.

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Complaisance & Service
“We experience our most beautiful moments and feel deeply touched when we can give the best of ourselves to every visitor at koningsteen”

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Personal development starts HERE and NOW!

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