Center for personal & organizational development

A beautiful place in an exclusive setting with an open team to support
your personal and organizational development and well-being

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Koningsteen – Center for Personal & Organizational Development

Personal development

Discover or facilitate courses, retreats and activities designed for deeper personal insight and development. Welcome in a beautiful and exclusive setting, surrounded by nature.

Koningsteen – Center for Personal & Organizational Development

Nature experience & ceremonies

Sweat lodges, yurts and marvelous views. Discover our offer to follow or organize workshops and events of ceremonial nature or that desire a closer connection to nature. 

Koningsteen – Center for Personal & Organizational Development

Corporate seminars

With its inviting and calm atmosphere, Koningsteen is a wonderful setting for corporate events and seminars. We have the equipment and space to host groups up to 120 people..

Coaches, trainers & organizations

Facilitate your workshop or training in our exceptional domain.

history & today

Koningsteen has a rich history. The domain dates back to the 13th century and has been offering a beautiful setting for personal development for the past twenty years.

Today Koningsteen is experimenting with a new form of cooperation. Through a unique organization structure, partially inspired by sociocracy and holacracy, we aim to nurture equality, empower personal talent, facilitate self-organization and support personal development on the work floor.


Welcoming over 30.000 visitors and seekers in the past 20 years.

You are warmly invited to experience the charm of Koningsteen for yourself and, with support and guidance, discover a life of joy and purpose.