A beautiful setting, supportive team and an inspiring selection of activities

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Professional Trainers & Coaches

Discover the charm of Koningsteen. The perfect setting for professional training, an inviting and calm atmosphere for your workshop.


Innovative and inspiring workshops, facilities with character, delicious food and a restful stay. Discover an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Europe.


A wide range of workshops and retreats for better quality living, deeper personal insight and a more meaningful life. Be inspired!

Heart & Soul

A place with a royal history dating back to the 13th century. Former residency of the Duke of Brabant and meeting place for many prominent advocates of social progress.

Our mission is to give people tools to better their quality of life. Koningsteen Castle was commissioned in 1996 as a center for workshops, training and education primarily for those searching for meaning in life. We grew from strength to strength as a center for personal development and in 2003 were able to purchase the neighboring farm, which was converted to provide additional training facilities and more accommodation.

Koningsteen remains a beautiful location that, combined with our team spirit and ecological vision, succeeds in making people feel “at home”. It is our wish that our guests enjoy an experience of calm and peacefulness, to enhance their learning process and/or make training more effective. We hope everyone takes a little of Koningsteen’s charm with them when they leave!


Welcoming over 30.000 visitors and seekers in the past 20 years.

You are warmly invited to experience the charm of Koningsteen for yourself and, with support and guidance, discover a life of joy and purpose.

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